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Choices: Fortune (money, property, etc.) - votes: 817 (14.9%)Health (well-being, strength, long life, etc.) - votes: 384 (7%)Spirituality (religion, enlightenment, etc.) - votes: 268 (4.9%)Knowledge (academic, technical, etc.) - votes: 632 (11.5%)Power (leader, politician, etc.) - votes: 75 (1.4%)Fame (celebrity, hero, etc.) - votes: 32 (0.6%)Beauty (fashion, body, etc.) - votes: 28 (0.5%)Infamy (crime, etc.) - votes: 39 (0.7%)Relationships (marriage, children, friends, etc.) - votes: 642 (11.7%)Career (desired job, high position, etc.) - votes: 441 (8.1%)I am content - votes: 448 (8.2%)I am unsure - votes: 1137 (20.8%)Other - votes: 529 (9.7%)There were 5472 total votes.The poll ended: August 26th 2017Lots of people who are unsure.Rei Kuki has Raizou Kuki's minions prepare her a Mandi Bunga for her in a Clawfoot Bathtub on the outside balcony.Everyone then gets called into the lab for a meeting but Raizou was absent and only talking to them through a radio.Of course, many of you probably aren't interested in dubs...but this is for those of you who can afford to support the spread of niche series!Reminds me of a statistic that something like 80% of students will change their college major at least once, while the average college student switches majors 3 times., known as Aria the Animation, is going to have an English dub.

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All of the guys are forced to run out of the bath house into the streets naked which Ibuki Heike ends up seeing and runs away covering her eyes.

Yokoyama explicitly adapted its concept for a younger audience, while Akatsuka merely says he was "inspired" by it.

Another important early Magical Girl show was necessarily a Magical Girl in the sense of the trope or genre.

In fact, some of them cannot be translated into other languages.

In Japanese, certain set phrases almost always accompany certain actions; many of these phrases have standard responses.

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