Dating adding machines

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The company relocated to Detroit in 1904, and was renamed The Burroughs Adding Machine Company in 1905 in honour of its founder.

It was later called the Dalton Adding Machine Company. He was the son of Elijah Dalton Sr., son of John Elijah and Susan Sebastian Dalton who came to S. Missouri in 1812 from KY and left many descendents in Arkansas.

In 1914 the Dalton Adding Machine Company moves from Poplar Creek, Missouri to Norwood—at 4923 Beech Avenue between Norwood Avenue and Highland Avenue (later, the location of The Day Company and currently Rumpke). James Lewis or "Jimmie" was born and was educated at the Lacrosse Collegiate Institute in Izard County, AR.

The high-keyboard adding and recording machines were the only Burroughs products designed by William Burroughs himself.

Following his death in 1898, the product range was expanded by the acquisition of a number of potential competitors, including the Pike adding machine and the Moon-Hopkins billing machine.

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