Is ashley tidale dating

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Watch the video above, where we see Tisdale and French in the recording studio.“It’s actually about my grandfather who passed away in September. Ashley Tisdale date Gili Lang from 1999-2000 while she was in her freshman of college.

Logan is really awesome and I was obviously nervous just because I’ve never played this type of character but I hopefully pulled it off and I had a lot of fun doing it. ” I have tattoos myself so it was really funny because my fiancee [musician Christopher French] has sleeves of tattoos and I just felt like him for the placement. It was just kind of for this episode but hopefully we’ll be on for a long time and there will be a bunch of characters.

His assistant Elliott (played by out actor Rex Lee) is also part of the main cast and in this week’s episode, titled “Young & Lesbian,” Elliott wants to get Josh some good PR from Logan’s magazine, so he will do just about anything she wants—including setting her up with (straight! We spoke to Ashley about how she came to play Logan on and if we could see more of her in the future.

After Logan is definitely a woman who knows what she wants. David Holden and I were talking about my episode ABC Family asked me to do an episode and of course, I was really supportive of the show and was excited to be on it. A lot of the characters I’ve been playing have been very different..

Tisdale met Jared Murillo, a dancer, on the set of High School Musical. They took a break from each other for a while before being seen together at LAX in July of 2008.

They officially separated in 2009 Just a month after her breakup with Jared, Ashley started to date director Scott Speer.

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