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One section of the novel teaches women how to be "girls" again, because it's apparently a man's job to teach women how to perform and respect their gender. ) Harvey instructs women how to be a girl on a date and around the house, which instructs women that they are not allowed to take out the garbage, fix the sink, paint, mow the lawn, drive or pick the date location but are allowed to "make a meal or two." Rather than valuing the ways in which modern women are subverting traditional gender dynamics in ways that are making dating more equitable, Harvey instructs women that the way to get what you want is to "put your finger in your mouth and act like you haven't got a clue what to do or the strength to do it." Much has already been said about the overt "old-school sexism" of Harvey's rhetoric, and I wasn't necessarily surprised to see that translated to film, to watch talented actresses like Gabrielle Union and Regina King force stale stereotypes commit to them.I expected to not like the film very much -- despite its talented and attractive ensemble -- and to pity the cast as they acted out tropes more suitable as chapter headings than people.The fun fact is that the book he wrote titled “yes, you’re Pregnant, but what about Me ?” is the book about his experiences during his wife Yeagley’s pregnancy.Actor Romany Malco’s been a Marine, a repo man, a rapper, and an entrepreneur in both craft services and holistic remedies for men (to help ease symptoms of everything from arthritis to infertility)–all in real life.On screens large and small, he’s best known for roles as Conrad in Though it’s an actor’s job to be an artistic chameleon, Malco’s smooth delivery of slyly witty dialogue belies how hard he’s worked to reinvent himself professionally.

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A lot of people don’t get out of things when they should. The harsh reality is [not knowing] you could potentially be obsolete. As the opening credits tell us: "It's a man's world." This line encapsulates the gender panic of the movie and the book very well.Because Harvey knows that he is dealing with the most empowered generation of women in history, the telos of the book and movie is about reasserting traditional gender roles.Although Harvey loves and respects women, he doesn't value their power enough to allow them to be their own women.In fact, one chapter is even directed toward empowered women, a type of woman that Harvey and the film take specific issue with.

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