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A client once hired me to revamp her master closet and dressing area, in preparation for putting her home on the market.

She was a savvy homeowner who planned to invest in a few key updates in order to make her property (which was built in the early 70’s) as appealing as possible to buyers. But one feature that would NOT appeal to buyers was a set of floor-to-ceiling mirrored closet doors.

We got rid of a bunch of stuff and added some new shelving to the closets a couple of months ago and Kev’s closet looks SO much better than it did before…

One of the, shall we say, special aspects of our master bedroom were the gold-framed, sliding, mirrored closet doors.

” Over on the My Overlays website I noticed this style that I’ve always liked.

It's awful because it really ends up being the main focal point of the room.

My fiance doesn't want to cover them completely up as he says he likes the illusion of it making the room bigger, and I would like to at least keep one of the three panels as a full length mirror.

I went over to Home Depot and picked up some thin trim and a miter box.

When I got home and started figuring this all out, it hit me that I am actually a carpenter.

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